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iphone Tricks | Tips Like Passcode, Keyboard Shortcuts

Today we are going to looking at some iPhone tricks which may help you. These tips like custom vibrations, iPhone unlocking tricks are really useful & sometimes just really cool. iPhone Tricks #1: The custom vibration feature As long as you have an iPhone, you should be good and that’s …

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Windows 10 Two Best Hidden Features|Tricks

We all know that Windows 10 was released in July 2015. Microsoft Corporation has brought a number of updates for it within last 3 years. These windows 10 updates have brought numerous cool features to the operating system. This also means that there are several hidden features and tricks in …

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ios 11.4 Software update Review | Features

ios 11.4

ios 11.4 about to be released in just a couple of weeks here. In this post, I would gather all the information you need to know about ios 11.4 before you update. This ios version including all of the new features. Before updating ios 11.4 beta 6 was released on …

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Microsoft Edge fast browsing user experience | Review

Microsoft Edge is a web browser created and developed by Microsoft Corporation. The earlier version of Microsoft Edge is Internet Explorer(IE). Internet Explorer offered faster performance, better compatibility, security and more useful features but, it’s not getting the positive user experience as Chrome browser. Internet Explorer’s usage share drop off …

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Play Store Business Apps for Entrepreneurs In 2018

paly store business apps in 2018

Today I am going to show you the best Google play store apps ever for business people. People are doing online shopping, payments, Customer services, Business tasks, exposing hobbies, passion to the world, and a lot more through Apps. In this way, we have to understand how Apps are playing …

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