Android apps for smartphones in 2018

PC Remote Android app

If you have a computer or a laptop, then you can control them with a smartphone with the help of this app. It is a good application available in the Google Play Store to control your phone.

Androis App Pc Remote

PC remote application is work as a keyboard to type, or as a computer mouse or as a computer mouse playing games.

The songs that can play on the computer can be easily accessed from the video directly from the phone. The entire computer screen can be seen on the smartphone and can transfer the files between the phone and PC.

Background Remover:

The Google Play Store Background Remover is an android phone application that can remove the background from any photo you have. You can download it from .

Android app Background remover

It is also possible to change the background of that specific photo. We can choose the whole of the background for ourselves or the selection can be made automatic. It is also available for cropping the image.

Video Format Factory

The video format factory, which is also an Android application available in the Google Play store uses a variety of video files on your phone to convert from one format to another format.

Android Apps Video format factory

It supports popular video formats, so the video can be copied to save storage, and a video can be cut into several pieces as you like. You can only get the desired portion of the video and get the audio from the video.


In the virtual assistant era, Cortana is easy to do all the necessary tasks. Bring your smart digital assistant to your smartphone to help keep track of the important stuff wherever you are, across your devices.
Androis apps cortana
Microsoft Cortana is your free smart digital assistant. She can support you by giving you reminders, keeping your notes and lists, taking care of tasks and helping manage your calendar.

It will play YouTube videos for you, the jokes say, the map direction, the notes, the reminder removes. Shows nearby restaurants. Finds Contract. It will do many things.

Android apps cortana

Appointment Fix

We are forgetting some of the most diligent tasks in many cases, due to the various types of work pressure. The Android application called Appointment Fix can assist you without forgetting the task.

Android Apps Appointment fix

Once the appointment note is dated, the text will send a reminder in the form of text messages, without forgetting them. At the end of the phone call with someone who calls on appointment falloffs, it can be seen on the call screen and at the time of appointment. You can see it in the calendar vacuum at the time of appointment.

Writer Plus

Most people do not remember where to travel and what to do. If so, download the application called “writer plus” which is an android apps in the Google Play Store from the above link.

Try Writer Plus with features:
☆ Open, Edit, Save the plain text file
☆ Folder support
☆ Keyboard shortcuts
☆ Markdown format
☆ Word and Character Count
☆ Undo & Redo
☆ Share
☆ Night Mode
☆ Android Material UI style
☆ Right to left support
☆ Robust and Stable, High performance
☆ Battery friendly, Limited system resource usage
☆ Absolutely FREE! Great support!

You can also see the store on the card card. This is suitable for the use of a long line of information on the phone. There will be much more flexibility to look at.

Android apps writer plus

 @ voice aloud reader

To read a text file on the information on our phone screen, the @ voice aloud reader application will be available in the Google Play Store.

We can download it from the site, news articles and large emails text PDF information on the various site. Other documents Let’s try hard to read the letter letter.

Android apps voice aloud reader



Photo montages can be made with various photos of you. They can be used in Photo Players in Google Play Store
Transparent can be made with the help of areas that are not in a photo. You can add up to 11 photos at once. Colour tone can be changed.Android apps photolayers


Speed up;

The GPS Play Store application lets you know how much speed you drive through your phone, how much time you travel through, how much time you have travelled, how much time you have travelled and how much speed you have with average speed. The speedometer can download the application called GPS. If you do not need tracking retention.


Recording video calls;

The Google Play Store providing an auto-video call recorder application. It also records audio along with video. It also records a wale audio. If a recording is not automatically started, it can be done as a manual.

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