Babu Gogineni Real Life Unknown Facts and Achievements

Babu Gogineni full name is “Rajaji Ramanadha Babu Gogineni”. He was born on 14 April 1968. Babu Gogineni is an Indian Atheist, Humanist, rationalist, and human rights, activist. Present we are calling him as a “Hethuvadi” who is against blind beliefs. Also, he is a productive & prolific writer in English, French, and Telugu.

Babu Gogineni in UK

He served as Executive Director of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) in 1997 which located in 40 countries.

Babu Gogineni Achievements|Actions at International Level

    • Gogineni executed IHEU’s move towards the United Kingdom and brought special consultative status to it.
    • His policies and decisions made the IHEU into multi-lingual proactive campaigning organization.
    • On 17 April 2004, “BBC” conducted ‘The Big Question’ show on the topic “What Is Religion?” They invited 3 persons from across the world. Babu Gogineni was also one of them. By going to “BBC” you can hear Audio file recorded by BBC.
    • Gogineni is the founder of South Asian Humanist Association and Indian Humanists.
  • He is also the founder and owner of Skillguru, a training organization, and private business.
  • In his career as an activist, Babu Gogineni campaigns against blind beliefs, Anti-human right events done in the name of religion.
  • During his association with the IHEU, he successfully run IHEU’s worldwide campaigns.
  • Also, he run the IHEU campaigns for the protection of Taslima Nasreen who is a Bangladeshi writer and for bringing “Younus Shaikh” who is a Pakistani human right activist, Freethinker, and Homeopath to safety in Europe.
  • In India, he successfully led the campaign for rehabilitation and protecting the rights of Sambhavi, a child who was claimed as a reincarnation of a Buddhist goddess.
  • Gogineni had signatory status to the Humanist Manifesto, at the time of 2003.

Babu Gogineni in paper

Babu Gogineni regularly travels to across India and go abroad to spread awareness on against superstition and humanism. He was a columnist for a daily newspaper and wrote the column “The Human Angle”. He always says that Only the Telescope will help for our country development, not the ‘Horoscope’

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