Big Boss 2: Big Fight Between Tanish, Kaushal, Nutan Naidu & Other House Members

We already know that there is an issue is going on about two days for food in Big Boss house. While preparing enough meals for all 16 members, the lastly eating house members are not getting sufficient food. Some members are feeding beyond their need.

Also, if any mistakes made by any member of the family Captain Samrat shall have to take bath in swimming pool.

Big Boss House Captain Samrat lost his patience

On Friday 22nd June episode, Captain Samrat has taken multiple times of bath in swimming pool because of mistakes are done by remaining housemates. So, Samrat lost patience and gave some suggestions to all the house members during their mealtime.

Big Fight In Big Boss House

Nutan Naidu used some vulgar language during the dispute

The scene, which began with instructions, led to big arguments between Samrat and Nutan Naidu. Tanish supported to Samrat, and Kaushal helped Nutan Naidu. In this argument, Nutan Naidu used the vulgar vocabulary on Tanish. So, Tanish has lost patience. This led to the big argument between Nutan Naidu, Kaushal and Tanish.

It seems to be that Nutan Naidu is playing some game tactics. But the fact is only the honest people will win the game like what happened in previous Big Boss Season 1.

Big Fight In Big Boss House

Shortly after the dispute was resolved, Big Boss asked the house members to choose the competitors for the new captain. The family members elected Tanish, Amit, and Kaushal as competitors.

Another dispute has arisen between Kaushal & Kireeti

In the new captain task which was given by the Big Boss, another dispute has arisen between the Kaushal and Kireeti about the Kaushal behavior towards female house members. This dispute led to a big conflict
between them.

Amit was unanimously elected as a new captain. When the task ends, the conflict between Kaushal and Kireeti still not completed. This big conflict between Kaushal and Kireeti was ended with Kireeti’s excuse.

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