Big Boss 2: Episode 16 Highlights|Kireeti Has Apologized

Big Boss 2 Episode 16 Highlights: Big Boss 2 successfully entered into the Episode 16. This episode started with a positive sign that Kireeti has apologized to Kaushal about his behavior. Also, he gave an explanation to all the housemates about his overreaction at the time of Captain task.

After that, Babu Gogineni explained Kaushal about the drama performed by Nutan Naidu at the time of his presence in the house.

Housemates Match Fixing Plan in 3rd-Week Nominations

Geeta Madhuri, Shyamala, and Deepti(TV9 reporter) were had a serious discussion about 3rd-week nominations. Geeta Madhuri said “We have lost our beloved persons Sanjana Anne and Nutan Naidu who are the shield to us. We have to play defense game against our competitors. In this 3rd-week nominations, we shall have to nominate our competitors like Tanish, Samrat, Tejaswi and Captain Amit Tiwari. Because we can’t trust them”.

One side Geeta Madhuri group having a serious discussion about match-fixing, but on the other side, Tejaswi and Samrat were having fun. They didn’t aware of their competitors Match-fixing. There is a lot of difference between housemates mindsets.

Big Boss Collapsed Housemates Match Fixing

Big Boss seriously warned them after realizing Geeta Madhuri, Shyamala, Deepthi, Kaushal, Nandhini Rai and Ganesh’s discussion about match-fixing in nominations.

Big Boss said “Big Boss already warned you about nominations discussions. If anybody having a discussion about nominations, because of them all the house members will get a serious punishment. That’s why this week nominations are not conducting in the Confession room. Everybody shall have to nominate two members with a reason by putting a nomination tag in their Neck”.

Common Man Ganesh Again Targeted But The Reason Is Different

Ganesh has been nominated for Elimination since entering the house. He stayed in the house with the support of the public for the last two weeks.

Big Boss 2 episode 15 Highlights

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But in this episode, Tanish, Shyamala, Deepthi Sunaina, Tejaswi, Roll Rida, Babu Gogineni, and Amit have been nominated, Ganesh. For this, they said that he was struggling to stay in the house and unable to see his pain, for this reason, he did not survive in this house. The fact that Ganesh is scared is real but the housemates have to give a chance to prove himself.

The fact that Ganesh is unable to understand the housemate’s strategies in Big Boss house. He is falling behind some of the celebrities. In the last episode, Nani also tried to boost him.

Majority of housemates nominated Kireeti

Kireeti, who has become a villain in the house with Kaushal, has been nominated for the Elimination by the majority of house members. Everybody said that Kireeti having a two-faced mask and artificial smile.

Big Boss removed Captain Amit Tiwari and Wildcard entry contestant Nandhini Rai from the 3rd-week nominations. Tejaswi who maintained group in the house, Bhanu Sri who talk even without proper thinking and Kireeti who became the villain with Kaushal were nominated for this week elimination process.

There are some fun games conducted in this episode. Heroine Nandini Rai and Bhanu Sri have fought at the end. They used some vulgar language towards each other. People thought that this elimination process is the reason for their clash.

Big Boss Funny Task with Funny Names

The Big Boss gave a task to Housemates to choose the housemates that who are suitable for the funny comments on the cards. Geeta Madhuri suggested that Bhanu Sri is the most fearless person in this house. She said she was not afraid of anything.

Shyamala said that the strange person is Tejaswi, and her personality is not understood. Deepthi and Samrat are referred to Roll Rida as an unclean person. Deepthi Sunaina said that Kireeti is an Ugly person who wears a mask in the house. Bhanu Sri referred Ganesh as the guy who needs to left the Big Boss house.

Tejaswi said that Deepthi(Tv9 reporter) as an unfair person in the house because she was too good towards all the housemates. Tanish referred Tejaswi an explicit person in the entire house. Kaushal referred Tanish as a lover boy because of his chubby cheeks.

Ganesh accepted that Roll Rida and myself are the most food lovers in the house. Kireeti referred Kaushal as the back parlor person. Babu Gogineni referred Deepthi Sunaina as who put disputes between housemates.

Something Special between Tejaswi and Samrat

Tejaswi and Samrat are special attractions in this episode. It looks like something special which is beyond their friendships between them. Staying away from housemates, falling one on another, it seems to be as a loving pair. But we will see all this activity as part of the game Or Something Special?

Big Boss 2 Episode 16 Highlights

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