Big Boss 2: Kireeti Damaraju Eliminated

Big Boss 2 Kireeti Damaraju eliminated from the show according to the votes he got from the audience. Yes, Kireeti got least votes when compared to the remaining nominated contestants.

Instead of the common man, Kireeti Damaraju eliminated

Continuously from the past two weeks, common category contestants like ‘Sanjana’& ‘Nutan Naidu’ were eliminated. So, a lot of people thought the elimination process was not right. But, shockingly this week Kireeti who is a celebrity category contestant was eliminated.

kireeti damaraju eliminated

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So, everyone has to realize that, Anything can happen in the Big Boss house. Only the honest contestants & who wins the audience hearts can survive in this house. The real game started from today episode.

Original hand behind Kireeti’s elimination

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At the time of Kireeti leaving the house, Tanish revealed an interesting fact about Kireeti elimination.

kireeti damaraju eliminated2

Tanish said “Kireeti had a good character. when I saw his jacket, I told him it was very nice. Kireeti gifted that Jacket to me. Kireeti was eliminated because of me. I had that guilty feeling inside my heart so, I want to reveal. At the time of the second captain task, Kireeti gave assurance to me that he can deal with Kaushal for losing the task. This is the reason that’s why I have guilty feeling towards Kireeti.”

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Every contestant in the house gave their positive opinion towards Kireeti.

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