Big Boss 2: Another Common Man “Nutan Naidu” Was Eliminated

Another common man was eliminated in the Big Boss 2 season. Sanjana who entered the house in the Common Man category last week has been eliminated.

The heroine Nandini Roy entered the house with a wildcard entry, After Sanjana’s elimination. after came out from the Big Boss house. Sanjana accused that she was eliminated for the sake of Heroine Nandhini Rai wild card entry only.

But in the episode of Sunday itself, the audience has a doubt that the whole thing about eliminations happening according to Big Boss script, that’s why common men are eliminating week by week.

Big Boss 2 Nutan Naidu Eliminated

But Nani, who already realized about this and gave the clarity to the audience that there is no Big Boss mistake, the whole thing happened was a coincidence only. Nani clarified it by telling a “Seven sons brought seven fishes on hunt” story at the time of his entry to the show.

In this episode, Nani has been entertained the audience in a very energetic manner. Saturday he was very serious on the contestants and this Sunday episode was full of fun. He showed maturity on hosting with his comedy timing.

Nani conducted a Funny task with Big Boss 2 contestants

Nani played with the contestants in the house with a funny task named ‘Manchodiki Moodindhi’. Contestants first put their favorite housemates’ names on the card to give marks out of 20 for them.

Big Boss 2 Nutan Naidu Eliminated2

After reading the names on each card, they punished with the funny tasks. But most of them are referred to as Deepthi as their favorite. Ganesh, Shyamala, and Nandini Rai said that Deepthi was their favorite person.

But for Deepthi, the tasks came in succession. First of all, dancing Mega Star Chiranjeevi popular “Veena” step with Ganesh, eating Osmania biscuits, and swearing Shyamala.

Kaushal gave Nutan Naidu 18 out of 20 marks. So, Nutan Naidu had 18 chapatis making task. The Nutan Naidu gave Kaushal 20 out of 20 marks and had 20 sweets.

Banu Sri gave 18 marks to Deepthi Sunaina, she gave 19 marks to Banu Sri. But initially, they took the “Gunjeelu” task by holding each other’s ears. Later, they shared drinking raw lemon juice task.

Tasting Raw eggs tasks

Tejaswi gave 18 marks to Amit, he got 18 pushups by holding Tejaswi on him. Samrat gave 10 marks to Tanish, they got “Vangudu Dhookudu” Task. Tanish gave 18 marks to Tejaswini and she got “Tasting raw eggs” task.

Nani said that for taking the group maintaining in the house, Tejaswi along with Tanish and Samrat took another 6 raw eggs.

Babu Gogineni Played the smart game

Babu, who was different from the first day in the house, played the game smartly. He gave zero marks out of 20 marks to his favorite names, referring to the Nutan Naidu. Babu Gogineni explained that his realization about this game, this game is going to be different. So, Nutan Naidu escaped from the task. Kireeti Damaraju gave 20 marks to Babu. So, Babu got “Kissing” task. He kissed Kireeti’s hands 20 times.

This chance as a Big Boss 2 participant will not come again

Nani said to the contestants “crores of people are watching this Big Boss show. why you people are loosing believe in yourself, and especially Kaushal to make sure you have lost confidence in yourself.

Big Boss 2 Nutan Naidu Eliminated

That is why he came into the house and said that he would not continue in the house for victory, but he would have received favor. I am 100 percent trying every film without expecting the result, and you are also strongly committed to doing so. One episode is a great change, making it clear that the result is in the hands of a whole audience”.

Nani again clarified Nutan Naidu’s elimination according to the “Butterfly Effect”. Kaushal emotionally connected with the audience, and all the votes went to him.

Nutan Naidu’s Big bomb

The Nutan Naidu came out of the house with the elimination, thanks to his favorite Kaushal and Deepthi in the house. He wanted to be good for both of them, standing in trouble, hungry, and enthusiastic when disappointed. Nani has been felt very happy with his comments. Immediately hugged him.

Big Boss 2 Nutan Naidu Eliminated

Naidu has thrown kitchen plates cleaning Big Bomb on his favorite housemate Kaushal. Naidu explains that this was his good request, and now he is engaged in the work. The episodes of this game have also attracted viewers with jokes elimination emotion.

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