Big Boss 2: Sanjana Came Out From The House

The Big Boss Season 2’s first elimination was held on Sunday. Sanjana Anne, who entered on the quota of the common people, was eliminated on Sunday in the episode.

Since the first day of Big Boss 2’s entry, Sanjana has become the focal point of many controversies. She was aggressively acting with other contenders.

Especially Tejaswi and Sanjana, they fought each other multiple times since the episode has begun. The House members said that they were controversial every day on the Sanjana’s presence in the Big Boss House.

Sanjana’s aggressive behaviour

Because of Sanjana’s aggressive behaviour since the day when she came, family members nominated her for the first week of the elimination. In the voting also, she got very fewer votes from the audience.

Big Boss Contestant Sanjana2

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That’s why she came out of the house. Upon coming back, she criticized Babu Gogineni and Tejaswi. She said that Babu Gogineni was not a good person to be seen like outside.

That’s just her opinion. Sanjana suggested that Tejaswi should learn how to stay with others and how to treat everybody equally.

Big Boss gave the Big Bomb opportunity for the eliminated contestant Sanjana. She threw on Babu Gogineni. Accordingly, if any house member needs drinking water, Babu Gogineni should have to supply.

Heroine Nandhini Rai entered the House to replace eliminated Sanjana.

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