How to Change your smartphone into wireless Mouse & Keyboard

You already know what is wireless Mouse & keyboard. In this article, you will know how to Change your Smartphone into Wireless Mouse and Keyboard.

How to change your smartphone into wireless Mouse & Keyboard

you need to install these applications on your smartphone & Computer

  1. Wifi Mouse app
  2. Mouse server.exe file

Follow this steps

>First, you need to install “WiFi Mouse(Keyboard trackpad) control your computer App” from Google play store which is freely available.

How to turn your smartphone into wireless mouse

Download “Wifi Mouse app” from here

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>>Second, you need to download & install “Mouse server.exe” file from its official website or simply click on below.

Download “Mouse server file” from here

How to turn your smartphone into wireless mouse3

After download completed, run that application on your Computer.

On your smartphone….!

>>After installation of this ‘wifi mouse app’, open it.

>>Now you need to enter IP address associated with the Mouse server. (When you are running ‘Mouse server.exe’ file after setup you will automatically be notified¬†with IP address on desktop notifications)

How to turn your smartphone into wireless mouse2

Your “Computer Icon with the name” will be appeared on your App screen on the smartphone after you entered IP address.

When you click on that Icon, your smartphone will work as wireless mouse & Keyboard for that associated Computer. You will notice that when you drag on your smartphone screen, the cursor on your Computer screen will also move.

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