Google’s new app Datally let’s you save mobile data

Google relaesed a new app named Google Datally which helps user’s to save mobile data.

Datally app shows you the amount of data used by different apps. You can know which app is using more data and cut off data usage for that app. It will also suggest nearby Wi-Fi hotspots for you to connect to.

On the mainscreen of the app there’s a toggle to turn datasaver on/off. On turning on it blocks background data for all the apps. You can unblock the specific app you want to allow background data usage. A chat-head style bubble pops up that helps you know how much data is being used by currently running app and you can block data for that app by tapping on it.

Google’s Next Billion Users Initiative

Google Datally is being released as part of Google’s Next Billion Users Initiative. That’s why the initiative is focusing on basic features like storage management (Files GO app released a week ago) and data usage (Datally app).

You can download the app from playstore.


Google Datally Homescreen Google Datally usage

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