Honor 8x – BETTER than iPhone XS

Honor 8x – BETTER than iPhone XS;

normally when we compare smartphones here on text boat we make sure they’re more or less. Even the price to make it a pretty fair fight but this time it’s gonna be a wee bit different. Is their recently traded in the iPhone 10’s for the on it a text I use this as my daily. A driver just ahead of my full-time review and then while that I use the honor ax more I realized I actually preferred. It in several ways to Apple’s flagship phone and that’s absolutely ridiculous because the owner X cost less than a quarter of Apple’s flagship. I mean seriously it’s like putting Anthony Joshua in a ring with Macaulay Culkin I’m talking dripping Macaulay Culkin from my goal not. Sadistic brick through and Macaulay Culkin from home alone despite this been a very mismatched comparison. The honor it X actually stands taught at or quite commendably with Apple’s iPhone 10s and actually beats it in a few key rounds now the first most obvious comparison is the.

design work these two smartphones look absolutely stunning with impressively skinny bezels. Surrounding those displays seriously those screens practically fill the entire front end of each of these. Phones it’s a kind of design you’d on these specs on a premium handset like the iPhone 10s but the honor. It X does if it absolutely perfectly split over and you’ll see the both of these blowers have a full glossary around in both. Cases is quite a slick finish though of course, they do pick up greasy fingerprints like nobody’s business even though. The iPhone 10 s is a bit more compact than the honor it X they are both still a bit of a handful as well so if you’re trying to use them one-handed.

You might be struggling a bit thankfully they both do have software features to help out a bit in that regards I mean I’ve got 10s you can drag down. The top end a bit of spirit make the likes of the control panel in the notifications panel that a little bit. Easier to reach however we prefer the solution on the honor here X which is just much neater, in this case, the entire. Display shrinks down towards the corner of the screen so you can reach pretty much anything you need with your thumb. Apps and everything worked perfectly in this mode with a full view of exactly what you’re trying to do that said. The iPhone 10s does boast full of water resistance whereas the honor. It X really is not a fan of getting moist so if you’re no stranger to that horrific. Thorn in toilet situation than perhaps the Apple handset is best for you of course if you are unfortunate enough to drop the honor.

honor 8x

IPS Screen Compared The LED iPhone;

It X and the bogging simply stump up for another one, in fact, you can do it three or four times and still not spend. As much as you would have done if you’d bought the iPhone 10s buttercups the media chops the honor it X deftly stands up. All as well that’s six-point five-meter split is absolutely massive just like the iPhone. Tennis max a smartphone which costs even more than the standard tennis both the iPhone 10s and the honor it exports pleasingly shop visuals as well as quite striking. Colors too despite the fact that the owner NX just uses an IPS screen compared to the LED on the iPhone. I was definitely fun and watching movies on either of these blowers no worries oh yeah and if you don’t like the notch here on the honoree X you can just dive into the settings got.

A little split go to notch and hide it from view bang Bosh no more notch or whatever I wanted to plug in a pair of white. Headphones on the on ax that was not an issue whereas of course with the iPhone turn s you got to use one of those bloody dongles. I also done have a massive data allowance so I tend to download a lot of movies and tunes to keep me entertained on the gone as far as storage is concerned the honor NX sports the same 64 gigabyte base amount as the iPhone 10s if you’re up for storage in the iPhone turn s you’ll have to stump up hundreds of pounds but they’re gonna. Use on the honor it X is that it supports micro SD memory cards and even better that doesn’t compromise the dual sim support.

Either there’s a completely separate slot for your memory cards so you can upgrade and still a bug in two sims at once when it comes to the security. Bought the iPhone and the honor it X support a better facial recognition and it works really well when it comes to standard lighting conditions both phones. Unlock in a matter of milliseconds neither are stumped if you wear glasses or hats or anything like that either I’m in low light while the iPhone. Tennis deftly proved a bit more accurate overall the honors still impressed with his general reliability they’ve both got raised to wake features but of course on the iPhone.

Even once it recognizes your face you still have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen in order to unlock to your desktops look it’s the honor NX you’ve got the option of just humming. It unlocks straight to a desktop as soon as it recognizes your mug nice and simple and straightforward and more. Flexible than the iPod iPhone 10 s is also super inflexible and that you’re busy stuck with that facial recognition. Or yíall the pin entry or as if for whatever reason you can’t use facial recognition on the honor it X you’ve got. A nice bit of fingerprint sensor action here on the back and like the facial recognition it’s super Swift and accurate for a lock into your desktops.

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Honor 8x  lots of movies;

Look up the battery life the honor it X again impressed more than the iPhone as well it’s got a massive 3750 milliamp battery stuffed inside so even though. It’s got a larger display to power I’ll still give you a full day 1/2 of mixed-use the iPhone comes really really close surprisingly but it just can’t quite manage that level of longevity we also did a 4 media test. We’ve bought these smartphones where we put a youtube video on them side by side and then just markdown. How quickly the battery drained, in this case, the iPhones stuck at that hundred percent mark for a little bit longer than the honor 8x but.

then they both run down at the exact same rate so if you’re. looking to watch lots of movies Tetley shows on the gold and the honor 8x will suffice just as well as the iPhone now when it comes to. The camera tech you’d expect the iPhone to absolutely smash the honor it X out of the pot but that’s not necessarily the case well it comes the video stuff. The iPhone is definitely the overall Victor there’s no four key option here on the honor. 8x which tops out at full HD resolution meanwhile that iPhone 10 s is capable of shooting. Ultra HD at 60 frames per second very impressive stuff and the iPhone also has it when it comes to image stabilization as well shooting.

Some impressively smooth footage everyone moving around on quite uneven. Ground if you move in and shooting at the same time on the unaired X you’ll probably want to vomit when you view back your footage because it’s. So shaky however the honor attacks didn’t really really impress us when it came to just the everyday photos honestly. If you stick results between the honor and the iPhone side-by-side we reckon most. People would struggle to see which photos came from which phone Liana it X’s seem recommission can really bring. Snaps to life producing gorgeous blue skies and stunning green foliage and the results for the portrait.

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Sensar However;

Mode are just as crisp as the ones you’ll find on the iPhone 10s thanks to that 2-megapixel depth. Sensor, however, we’re the only EDX really blew up backed off was the night mod which uses a handheld long exposure. To capture bright and ridiculous the shop photos I’ve got 10s occasionally snatches a little bit more detail without the need for that long exposure but seriously this Oliphant punches well. Above its weight oh yeah and you can also turn yourself into a horrific. Cotton creation with either as well if that’s how you get your jollies the only round where the iPhone convincingly won.

overly honor beside the video. Chops is the performance apples air-12 chipset is seriously powerful easily beat in the Curran 710 platform into submission. That’s certainly really an issue if you want to play the latest games like put GO on very high detail settings the honor. It X proves perfectly smooth enough it everything else you need to do and as long as you scale about the graphics a bit. Pub G again it perfectly playable but then, of course, there’s the important issue of pricing the honor it in a row busting in under 250 pounds.

Here in the UK whereas the iPhone 10s starts at 999 pounds so basically for the price of this you could buy yourself this as well. As a 4k TV a Playstation 4 a copy of FIFA a load of beer and higher art an escort for the afternoon. To play FIFA with you on your PlayStation 4 where you drink beer and tell her about how absolutely awesome leap on it X’s no. I there is how the honor it X times up rather commendably against Apple’s iPhone 10s despite costing a fraction of the amount. Definitely let us know what you think in the comments down below is the honor it. X really the mutts nuts or am I just an absolute loon but loon is probably a nice way of putting it right now into the expert. I’ve also got a full comparison with the honor X on the honor plate another great value on a handset. Which you can pick up right now I don’t forget to go check out my in-depth unboxing. Camera view and everything else you need to know or Vondrak combo on please do. Poke that subscribes button for more on the latest and greatest tech Cheers Aurora Lab view.

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