How To Vote For Big Boss 2 Telugu Contestants

How To Vote For Big Boss 2 Telugu Contestants: Big Boss is the show which got tremendous craze in two Telugu states. This show brought High TRP rate to ‘Star Maa’ channel. Now Big Boss 2 is the second season came with 13 celebrities & 3 Common people.

This show is about 100 days challenge to the participants. Show winner or Loser will be decided by the Audience Votes Only. Rs.75 lakhs is the prize money will be awarded to the final winner decided by the Audience.

We can see that how much popularity this show got among the Audience. A lot of companies are competing to get advertisement chance in Big Boss.

We can see “Oppo” company product advertisements in the Big Boss House. So, what I am going to talk about is “An audience vote is more precious for Big Boss Show”. Today we can learn how to vote for the Big Boss contestants in two ways.

  How To Vote For Big Boss 2 Telugu Contestants Through missed Call




Mobile numbers

Geetha Madhuri Singer Nominated 7729998801
Syamala Anchor Safe 7729998802
Ganesh Common Man Nominated 7729998803
Bhanu Sree Actress Nominated 7729998804
Babu Gogineni Humanist/EX-Director fo IHEU Safe 7729998805
Tejaswi Actress Nominated 7729998806
Roll Rida Telugu Rapper Safe 7729998807
Deepthi Nallamothu Tv9 Reporter Safe 7729998808
Nutan Naidu Common Man Eliminated 7729998809
Tanish Alladi Tollywood Hero Safe 7729998811
Deepthi Sunaina Youtube Star Safe 7729998812
Amit Tiwari Actor Safe 7729998813
Sanjana Anne Model Eliminated 7729998814
Samrat Reddy Actor Safe 7729998815
Kireeti Damaraju Actor Nominated 7729998816
Kaushal Manda Actor Safe 7729998817
Nandhini Rai Heroine Safe Need to be updated

How To Vote For Big Boss 2 Telugu Contestants through Google Search?

  • Open this link “” in your browser,
  • Now type “Big Boss Telugu Vote” in Google search box,
  • Here, you can see like as shown in the below image.

How To Vote For Big Boss 2 Telugu Contenstants

Or Simply Go through here “Big Boss Telugu Vote”

  • Sign in to your Google Account
  • Now tap on your favorite contestant & vote for them.

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