ios 11.4 Software update Review | Features

ios 11.4 about to be released in just a couple of weeks here. In this post, I would gather all the information you need to know about ios 11.4 before you update.

This ios version including all of the new features. Before updating ios 11.4 beta 6 was released on may, 2018. There is nothing new to report in this version. So, that’s why I am covering ios 11.4 as a whole here.

The build number is still in beta as it does have a little 8 on the very right. we are likely to receive the gold version in just a couple weeks.

ios 11.4 Features

At this version, you get 2GB storage back originally after updating to beta (2). And even since then it’s been the same but mostly whenever a new version comes out like ios 11.2, 11.3. You are gonna get some storage back.

Because of apps are clearing the cache, general cleanup in ios will happen. So you will likely see some storage being returned to you.

ios 11.4

ios 11.4 tends to be much more reliable and faster than ios 11.3 for me. It’s just generally done much better on 11.4 and the same thing goes for the app switches.

I know what ios 11.3 Apple did improvements to this with animations but it seems like an ios 11.4. They polished it even further it just seems very fluid in general works very well.

I have had no issues. A lot of apps stay loaded in the backgrounds much better the RAM management at 11.4. It seems to be slightly better.

ios 11.4 supporting new iMessage feature

I am happy to report that the message is no longer crash. Messages on icloud is finally present, this is a feature that will also save you some storage. It was teased originally in 11.3 Apple removed it.

Now in 11.4 it finally seems like Apple will be adding it. So, in your icloud settings, you will see a new messages tab and a little toggle for it’s an able it here.

ios 11.4

You will be able to store your imessages on the icloud. Airplay 2 is back as well so, this is another feature that was teased in 11.3 Apple removed it. And now it’s made its way back to ios 11.4 with multiroom support.

ios 11.4

In this ios 11.4 version, another feature for the home pod, it seems to have gained support for the calendar app. you may be able to ask it to do things like set an appointment in the calendar or certain things regarding the calendar.

Because it actually showed up the home pod when previously it was not on ios 11.3 and for the iPhone 10 the folio cases. It seems that a feature has been added where if you actually close it & open it if you can unlock it automatically.

ios 11.4 New Security measures

This feature was present on other devices not in the iphone 10 Apple did add that support with ios 11.4. There is a new security measure in ios 11.4, this is to combat the brute-forcing tools like great.

If you have not used or unlocked your phone in 7 days, it will lock out the lightning ports. Then it’s only a power port so you will not be able to transfer data through it and this rendering.

The grey key brute force tool ineffective so that’s the very great security measure implemented by Apple.

That’s my review of ios 11.4 that’s not a big update. ios 11.3 was considered to be pretty big update. And the one is pretty much refinements as this will likely be the last version of ios 11.4 then we might get a smaller update.

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