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Regarding your upgrade to IOS 12 so just so you know GM means golden master this is the final build. of IOS 12 it’s the same thing you’re gonna see on Monday. And the final release on the 17th so I’ll take you through its it’s actually a very very large update. so it was basically like reinstalling IOS 12 from the beginning 2.7 7 gigabytes on my i phone. At 10 and basically tells you everything about I was 12 it’s officially out of beta been completed and the first thing that I did has with any GM.

Is going to the wallpapers to see if any new ones have been added and unfortunately Apple has decided. To tease us and not add any maybe they will add some in future versions. Of iOS 12 but it seems like all the new ones and this is one that I extracted from the website. By the way from the iPhone 10 are and I’ll leave a link if you want to down below in the description. Looks like these will be reserved for the new I Phones I really don’t understand their strategy with the hole removing wallpapers thing not adding any new ones.

ios 12 update review

ios 12 wallpapers

I really wish they would add some more they have some very beautiful ones that for whatever reason. They just don’t want to put here. how much storage could it possibly take come on Apple with the GM it’s like a tradition to add new ones anyways. I do have the official 10 s wallpapers. Here – pretty easy to find now but yeah so no new wallpapers. I went ahead and started digging through trying to find some new changes and whatnot in iOS.

And I really wasn’t able to find anything in his GM and I’m sure they will turn up it’s those little tiny incremental updates. That they add everywhere here there but they’re very hard to see just from a quick overview. so I’d actually have to use it for a little while and I’ll get back to you on that but the GM is mostly for stability. It’s the final release final version so you do want to update to it just for that stability it was before updating I had 186 207. Available gigabytes after 180 5.7 – so it absorbed a little bit of my storage now for all those optimizations or one of them then. I did go ahead and update on all my devices and I just wanted to give you a little a preview here on older phones iOS 12 runs like an absolute dreamlike.

ios 12 update review

On the iPhone 5 sit gives it brand-new life the GM in particular just feels amazing so anyone with an old device. Apple is actually emphasizing in the event how they want to keep devices alive for longer and it definitely shows with their iOS 12 updates. It’s ridiculously smooth I was actually surprised like things load so quickly especially on older devices the 6 s, in particular, shines the most. I think from
this update success 7 series so it’s really good to see that anyways performance is great nothing to worry about. If you guys were actually holding off from iOS 11 to 12 I wouldn’t personally it is so fantastic especially on the iPad the iPad is a night and day experience. you didn’t get the iPhone 10 like experience with the multitasking jumping between apps like that it’s like the best thing ever about it so the iPad a huge upgrade. Definitely would recommend me and recommend it on any device but if you guys do want to be cautious you could wait until a point release. like iOS 12 points 0.1 or I was 12.1 to be safe and who knows maybe Apple could even add a dark mode at some point during I was 12 but probably unlikely.

New Features Speed Hidden Features

I was 12 point one point two or the big feature releases so we still may see some evolution and I was 12 and what’s to come. I am excited to see on the iPhone 10 s all those little features here and there the little things. Apple will add to them to differentiate them they don’t always show everything in their event so I’m excited to dig through that so. yeah, that’s Iowa’s twelve the gold masters so I want to go ahead and do a Geek bench let’s see if we can break some records here, by the way, the Apple a 12 chip looks insane gonna. Be very solid improvements the single core score should improve roughly about 15% as the high-end cores. grow by that percentage and then it’s basically going to be a lot more efficient in the low scores it’s gonna take a .lot less battery life to do basic mundane things like check Instagram or stuff like that so it should help on the new iPhone models with the battery life so as this is finishing up. I just want to mention that if you guys are on iOS 12 beta 12 right now you can easily update to GM. Through the over there update settings but after that I would recommend you delete your profile for the beta updates. And then restart your device and that’s how you’ll get the final updates for iOS 12 if there will be one or any sub the quaint updates for.


Iowa salt after that otherwise you will never see them if you’re on the beta profile. And we got ten thousand six hundred and five which is on a high-end very very high-end actually single core score. pretty normal so I got to tell you I’ve been running Iowa’s 12 betas since the beginning and it has gotten so much. Better home pod support the responsiveness of it has been much better the speed it’s definitely improved so much since the beginning. So at this point, I’m totally comfortable with it I’m totally comfortable with suggesting that you do go ahead and update on any and all devices. It will improve your quality of life and greatly alright guys so we will see a final release here on a Monday I will be posting a full recap and review before then so stay tuned peace.






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