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Today we are going to looking at some iPhone tricks which may help you. These tips like custom vibrations, iPhone unlocking tricks are really useful & sometimes just really cool.

iPhone Tricks #1: The custom vibration feature

As long as you have an iPhone, you should be good and that’s because you can actually create custom vibrations with your iPhone.

So it’s like making your own ringtone but cooler. All you have to do is

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Vibration

iPhone tricks

Tap on vibration option to create your own ringtones. You can even assign certain vibrations to certain contacts. So, you can give some specific vibrations to ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends and to your boss.

So, that you know not to pick up the phone and other better vibrations for your friends.

iPhone Tricks #2: Setting up more than 4 digit passcodes

If you don’t want your friends to guess your 4 digit passcode & then start messing with it. Or if your phone gets stolen & you don’t want to give the passcode to the guy who stole it.

I’m sure all of you guys know that most iPhones have a 4 digit passcode to unlock them. Recently Apple ios started to allow you to make passcodes with 6 or 9 digits.

Well, this is even better than any amount of numbers. So, what do you need to do this iPhone Tricks

Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Change Passcode

iPhone tricks

Tap on ‘Change Passcode’, it brings up a keyboard & then you can type out your very own personalized passcode that nobody should be able to crack.

iPhone Tricks #3: Keyboard shortcuts

This iPhone tricks are for typing faster or typing very repetitive things. well this one can solve that problem all you need to do is

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcut

iPhone tricks

Turn on ‘Shortcut’ option & now click on ‘Shortcuts’ option there, now type in your phrase like ‘Thank you very much’ and type in your shortcut like ‘TYVM’ that’s it.

Every time you type in like TYVM, it will change to Thank You Very Much. This one is really useful when if you want to say something long but you can’t be bothered to type it all out.

iPhone Tricks #4: Flashlight for iPhone alerts in silent mode:

This iPhone tricks will be great if you guys want to turn your phone on silent mode in classes or meetings or anywhere else. But you still want to know when you get a notification.

If you don’t turn your phone on silent, this is still pretty cool so all you need to do is

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Led Flash for alerts

iPhone tricks

Turn on ‘Led Flash for alerts’ option. Every time you get a notification, your phone’s light will flash and you will never miss a notification like text messages or calls again.

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