Microsoft Edge fast browsing user experience | Review

Microsoft Edge is a web browser created and developed by Microsoft Corporation. The earlier version of Microsoft Edge is Internet Explorer(IE). Internet Explorer offered faster performance, better compatibility, security and more useful features but, it’s not getting the positive user experience as Chrome browser.

Internet Explorer’s usage share drop off was continued for 12 straight years. After seeing this, Microsoft decided it was time to abandon ship and build entirely different browser called ‘Edge’.

The Microsoft Edge logo is suspiciously similar to that infamous Internet Explorer. Even though Microsoft has promised faster browsing experience behind the scenes that play nicely with the modern websites.

Microsoft Edge Features

Browsers use their own rendering engine to show you coherent web pages instead of garbled junk. Microsoft has developed an all-new engine called Edge HTML which was originally developed from Internet Explorer Trident engine.

But, it has the old Internet Explorer code removed which Microsoft says will make modern web pages load faster.
Microsoft is not supporting Active X or browser helper objects those old Internet Explorer plugins.

Microsoft Edge fast browsing user experience

Microsoft Edge also has a new user interface that promises to be less clunky than IE for starters. Apart from its competitors offering additional functionality without the need for third-party browser extensions. You can annotate and markup web pages just by clicking a button at the top of the screen. Then, you can share them or save them to ONE NOTE.

Additionally, Microsoft Edge features integration with ‘Cortana’ the new Windows 10 personal assistant. Cortana making it easy to look up information about any topic. You can see voice controls or even get things like driving directions.

Microsoft Edge really ready for primetime with all these improvements although the new rendering engine should certainly deliver better performance. It still is not as a complaint with newer web standards like HTML 5 as the competition.


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