Nokia X 6 vs i Phone X-Speed

Nokia X 6 vs I Phone X-Speed;

impression here of the Nokia 604 an edition this is iPhone 10 x let’s see how did you compare here pretty much. Identical in terms of the build quality so hopefully, the performance is very identical as well. With the conk here you can actually remove the nut should it find in the settings. Eventually so if you want to make it less like the iPhone 10 you can actually do that so in terms of the boot. Up you can see a little bit slower here Schneider green 636 so that is a more mid-range solution. I have noticed it does feel a little bit logger then some of the Nokia handsets I think that this isn’t running the Android won it’s running the No here kind of soft. Why are you close to stop well not quite as close as your Android one devices you can definitely. As well see the display isn’t quite as good as we get on the iPhone 10, yes it’s I think I got a decent viewing angle but.



I think it’s the brightness which isn’t quite up there as you can see here so let’s just have a look. At the performance we’re going to open up a few apps and see so we’ve got telegram is running Android 8.1 so that should be quiet. Nice and fast software and just another one so you can see some definite delays here when it comes to these basic apps. On the cock here and definitely a huge difference when it comes to displaying brightness and contrast level I mean using the black. A tape will really show that actually um so let’s just try a game he then again you know is 1 to 300 euro.


So you know the phone on the right is nearly triple the price this one in terms of the display kind of twitch. Sensitivity I haven’t noticed any issues with it actually some people saying it’s I didn’t register my touch that much but. I haven’t had any problems with it is capacities like most displays nowadays so you know you’ll do the job well thing you can see here in terms. Of the raw performance, the iPhone 10 leaves it standing at the end of the day loading the games much faster here and you can see. There’s a certain delay when you come out of things and a little bit of a delay going into stuff maybe that can be helped. With software update or the Android one version which will eventually come but yeah is a little bit of sliding I was expecting actually.

I should go to the speed test so to start with iPhone hopefully in late summer we will see some more kind of creative. Designs from Android because it just feels like I’ve been reviewing the same phone like if the last couple of months over and over. Again so hopefully they’ll you know see that the sales are pretty much down this year in terms of smartphones. Because they don’t see any difference in terms of design right they do actually support 5 g which is good you can see nice speeds here that’s uncharacteristically low for the iPhone.


Actually, let’s just see if we can do this again so while you can see how she’s doing better than the iPhone.Here it comes to the Internet but others said that is quite uncharacteristically low usually does get a decent score. The iPhone 10 but it’s good that they have included the 5 g on the actual you know. Wi -Fi there so I look at the multitasking see if we can do this so just go back to some other thing and you can see I think you get four gigs. Of RAM very generous actually for the Nokia and you can see has no problems holding the basic apps in memory I see I’m getting used to this multitasking on the iPhone won’t belong.


I think until I convert a  little bit  of juts there you know a little bit of large. NOS I think the software definitely I could do with some patches to make that a bit smoother well he’s holding. Them in memory that’s the main thing you know not you know reloading or anything so props where props are doing very good. Multitasking here so yes or try one more so yeah you can see some delays they’re going in out of it on the Nokia but I do think you know. A few patches will definitely improve that eagle’s definitely got the hardware to back it sort of things now variants 636. Is actually a quite decent processor so so far I can see here things that let it down is a display brightness and the optimisation but I think for the price. Here you can’t really go wrong it’s got the pretty much identical design here nice glass back similar kind of size you know not design. As well which you can get rid of actually I show you so in the settings you go to Z display and then hidden in here you do have a thing this one no it’s not this. One this one there we go so you want your full bezel and then you get rid of it a bit I don’t think the camera. is going to be quite as good as what you’re on the iPhone still class-leading in terms of the video recording but yeah just too cool.OR compression here we’ll do some of the comparisons with some light it’s for light phones and yeah hope you find it helpful.


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