Best Maths Problems Solver With A Smartphone Camera

Hey, do you have any problem with maths? If it is yes my Today’s topic is going on it. 82% of high school students are failing at maths. Photomath is going to put a full stop on this issue. Yes, friends Photomath will help the students in a different manner.

I thought Photomath might be perfect after view for those young students out there. What is Photomath? simple it’s your best maths problem solver friend.

Let’s go take a look at what this genius app.

Download and Installation of Photomath

Here is the link “Download” to download. So once you have downloaded install the app. On its launch, you are greeted with a nice simple introduction to a tutorial on the app.


Photomath best problem solver

It basically tells you how to capture the equation properly and so on. Once you are done with the tutorial you can tap the begin button before the camera is launched.

Photomath best problem solver

It’s simply a matter of pointing your device camera at the equation. It’s really impressed me how quickly this app spits out an answer it almost did. The best part you can check how the app goes to the answers with the single tap on the red color rectangle.

Step by step explanation

Depending on the complexity of the equation a different number of steps produced for every different type of equation. I like the fact all the steps are in red and the given values remain in the black. You can scroll back & forth between each page of steps when you are checking them.

The other nice feature they thought about is being able to look up your previous equations history. Just tap on the notebook icon and list will be produced with the equations previously you scan through Photomath.

It’s a pretty little app, this I really do like it. I am pretty sure there’s gotta be students out there not using Photomath app.

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