The Real Person behind Big Boss Voice: He is a Senior dubbing Artist.

The real person behind Big Boss Voice: Star Maa conducting Big Boss show and Telugu Star hero Nani as host. As per audience talk, Nani hosting is amazing. We already know that Hero Nani recently became a father. He shared that happiest moment with
The audience, with his fans and with the Big Boss Contestants.

Hero Nani With his hosting performance, Comedy timing he brought a tremendous response to Big Boss Show from the public.

Big Boss: Boss for the House

The Big Boss show is running successfully with some interesting tasks assigned by the Bigg Boss. Every contestant in the house unconcerned about their celebrity status must have to pay attention when the Bigg Boss speaks on the show.

The duty of the Bigg Boss is to give tasks to the contestants, alerting them about the rules|Regulations and giving directions to them when the contestants go wrong or commit mistakes on the show.

So, Everyone in the house following the Big Boss Voice commands. They are alerted after hearing the voice of Bigg Boss. Sometimes the contestants get a little bit fear on hearing of the Big Boss voice which has the huge base.

So, a lot of people along with contestants are eager to know about the person behind that Big Boss Voice.

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Hey! Have you ever thought who could be the voice of Bigg Boss? Majority of the audience just sitting in front of their televisions to watch the tasks happening on the show. I think no one even thinks about the voice behind the Big Boss.

Here is the answer..! The Person Behind the Big Boss Voice

The voice behind the Big Boss is that of a senior dubbing artist Radha Krishna. Not only for Bigg Boss 2, Radha Krishna has also lent his voice to several other serials and TV shows in the past.

The Big Boss show organizers haveĀ chosen the voice of Radha Krishna from the hundreds of people who came for auditions.

But, Nobody caught his personal details except his name & Photo

The Person Behind the Big Boss Voice

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