Train Apps Download: All The Railway Services Are Revolving Around Apps

Train apps download: An app for ticket booking, an app to cancel, an app to ride on the train, an app to clean the boogie, now all the railway services are revolving around the applications. A lot of people are using applications for day to day entertainment like playing games and listening songs.

For every single railway service had a specific App

There are some new apps coming on to the tracks, related to Indian Railways. Surprisingly, there are about 250 apps on Google Play store with Indian Railways. Of these, only 55 applications are run by Railway subsidiaries, while the private companies and startups have created over two hundred applications.

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The apps paradigm shifted further in the backdrop of digital India. A variety of applications are being rolled out in the app store like ‘The IRCTC App’ for the ticket booking, ‘The Rail Saarthi’ for cleaning the rail boogies, ‘Food On Track’ to order food, ‘The Railway Parcel’ for booking to the parcel.

This year on 13th June, the Railways has released UTS on Mobile App. With the help of this app, you can cancel unconfirmed tickets, book a seasonal and platform ticket.

The number of people who are ready to use these tons of newly coming apps, also significantly increasing. The Railways saying that 30,000 people are installing IRCTC and affiliated applications daily.

However, users should find out which of the apps available in the Play Store are maintained by the Railways, which is what the outside corporations have created. Nevertheless, rail services are closer to many people in cooperation with applications.

Train apps Download Links

“The IRCTC App” – for the ticket booking

“The Rail Saarthi – for cleaning the rail boogies

“Food On Track” – to order food

“The Railway Parcel”  – for booking to the parcel.

“UTS Mobile on App” To Cancel unconfirmed tickets & Live train location tracking

According to my experience, Railway parcel app is not working properly. So, Use The “Railway Parcel Website”


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