True Caller Has Aquired The Chillr App|Original Intention Behind This Action

As a growing international digital telephone directory, True Caller has focused on revenue generation. For this, it will be entering into the payments section of India, which is the world’s one of the largest conglomerate.

True caller announced the purchase of the ‘Chiller app’ famously known as the Multi-Bank Payments App in the country. True Caller co-founder ‘Nami Zarim Glam’ said that Chiller founders like Sony Joy, Anoop Shankar, Mohammed Ghalib, Lishy Bhaskaran and other employees are now onwards part of the True Caller company.

True Caller Aquired Chillr App

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Sony Joy is Vice President for True Caller pay division. ‘Zarim Glam’ said he hopes that the Chiller engineers and designers will be able to support the mobile payments operation in True Caller. However, it did not disclose how much money was spent on purchase Chiller’s App.

Chiller has started operations in 2014. There are over 15 crore users in India with more than 300 companies. True Caller has 65 staff members in India. According to Sony Joy, more banks will get their payment app plots under the unified payment system (UPI).

Why has True Caller Chosen India?

The True Software Scandinavia Company which belongs to Sweeden country has invented this app. This app was started in 2009, has got 25 million users worldwide. There are about 15 crore people in India. As per this calculation, India is the largest market for True Caller.

It has gathered a huge number of different data related to its users and concerns that it is collecting data that is not related to its services. If we installed this App on our phone, there is a definite chance of disclosing your personal data to it.

personal data being collected by this app includes, saved contacts with names, incoming calls|messages and outgoing calls|messages. It collecting the information that we do not like to give or share.

True Caller is not collecting data secretly

Still, it is not collecting this information secretly. When it comes to installing the app we will have to agree to the terms and conditions of this app. But when people are in hurry of installing this app, they are giving all the required permissions to this app without reading the policy terms and conditions.

It tells us in its policy that it will collect the information starts from the content we see, the points what we are searching in google, and up to all the content of the website. In fact, it will not require all this information for the services offered.

True Caller’s Original Intention behind Its services

This app generating a huge database to become large public telephone directory with the information collected from its users. India is the largest market, for this reason, it is going to launch its Payment Services in India.

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