Whatsapp Video Calling: New Group Video Calling feature Out On Whatsapp

Whatsapp is now the most important international messenger for everybody who uses a mobile internet. The new feature which will be going to update, making it a more attractive. With the latest group video call, you can make video calling with two and three at once.

Friends and family can enjoy a live talk experience with this facility in different places. Whatsapp Plus comes with a video call. You can make the video call to another Whatsapp number.

The caller is shown on the video call screen along with the video. This feature is only available in Android beta version and iOS beta versions.

Whatsapp announced that any technical difficulties may arise to this version. That’s why only the selected people will use this facility for a few more days

Those who want to use this feature must update the Whatsapp to 2.18.192 version. Then only the user will facilitate to use this group video calling feature on their messenger.

How to make Group Video Call

  1. First make the video call, then click on Add Participant on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. When you click on Add Participant, you will be redirected to your contact list. Here you can select the contact of that person that you want to add into video calling.
  3. By adding multiple contacts to your video calling, every participant will be notified and all the participants’ screen will be divided into equal parts.

For now who want this feature shall have to register as a beta tester in Whatsapp android beta.

Steps to register as a beta tester in Whatsapp beta using browser

  1. Open Google Play website on Chrome or Firefox or Opera as per your convenience.
  2. Go towards Whatsapp beta test page in Google Play or simply Go to This link “Beta Tester Page”
  3. Log in with your Google account which you are using in your android device.
  4. Click on the Button ‘Become a tester’ which was highlighted in sky-blue color.
    Whatsapp Messenger Beta Version

How to avail this Group Video calling feature

  1. Download “Whatsapp Messenger(Beta)” on your android device using same Google account.
  2. You will receive an update after few hours which will take you to the Beta version.

Please read the suggestions carefully provided in that Beta tester page, before becoming a Whatsapp beta tester.

Besides that, the latest stickers are also going to be introduced. In this regard, some Android stickers have been added to these versions. But they are disabled by default. It is revealed that the Beta version will get access to stickers.

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